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Luxury Connect Business School Gurgaon organized workshop on “Opportunities in Luxury Industry”

With a vision to ensconce international pedagogic excellence for the Luxury segment to "seek-nurture-adapt-skill-impart-develop" invaluable assets and Leaders for the Luxury Industry across India, Luxury Connect Business School Gurgaon organized a workshop on “Opportunities in Luxury Industry “for renowned Academicians across Delhi NCR at LCBS boutique campus in Gurgaon.
The aim of the workshop to update them about what luxury is and what future does it beholds in India. Mr. Abhay Gupta (Founder & CEO of Luxury Connect Business School) was the spokesperson of the occasion. 
Mr. Gupta addressed the gathering about the benefits and challenges faced in the luxury industry and how we can collaborate to curb the same. Over the last few years, with the economy doing well and more disposable income, there has been a change in the consumption pattern of the Indians. The spurt in affluence, and the emergence of a new breed of young population has led to a rapid growth of the luxury sector.
He further added one of the gravest challenges that the growth of the luxury industry in India faces, is a dearth of skilled and talented persons who understands the Indian luxury consumers, who can understand the luxury product and services, the marketing, financial and operational aspects of luxury and who understands the idiosyncrasies of both the domestic and international Luxury industry.
Workshop was  witnessed by the most prominent people in today’s education world were Mr. Kunwar Shekhar Vijendra- Chancellor, Shobhit university. Dr.Anju Saxena - Director, Sunderdeep group of Institutions, Prof.Subodh Kaushik - Advisor, Mody University, Dr.Vartika Chaturvedi - Faculty, Jaipuria University. All of them have extended support in collaborating for it and have shared their valuable feedback as well.
At the end of the workshop Participation certificate were awarded to participants.


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